Travel Survey Processing and Data Capture

With many children returning to school today, it brings the end to a long summer holiday period and a welcome relief for parents, including myself!  The end of this  holiday period reminded me that many travel companies may now be faced with processing large amounts of paper travel surveys.   This can be a costly process for organisations, taking up large amounts of staff time on data entry and processing.  Fear not, help is at hand!

Rather than use your own staff to process your travel surveys, consider outsourcing your data capture to Cleardata.  This could help your business save valuable time and money, increase the accuracy of your data and allow your staff to focus on your core business activities.

Our UK accredited, secure bureau offers competitive data capture services with excellent quality checking facilities.  Data can be output into just about any format to fit in with your market research systems and office technology.  We also have our IT team on hand to help you present your data as you require.

Cleardata has a modern scanning bureau using high volume scanning technology, combined with the latest OCR capture solutions.  This provides intelligent data capture for hand written forms  and surveys.  Automated data capture can help to increase the accuracy and validity of your data.   Our experienced team can also help you design your future travel surveys for optimum scanning capture.

So outsource your data capture today, and help your business save some money!  For further details call our sales team on 0800 046 8081.