Under Pressure to Reduce Your Business Operating Costs?

Many Business Managers are under pressure to reduce their day to day operating costs.  So where do we start?  Finance, HR, Operations, Logistics and Sales Departments all have one thing in common, the manual processing of paperwork.

These processing costs can often be overlooked, but in reality,  paperwork can demand a significant amount of employee time and money for manual sorting, classification,  data entry, processing and approval.

Consider who’s involved in your invoice payment, claims or purchase order process?  Most businesses will find that all levels of employees are involved in their paper processing, from clerical staff all the way through to senior business managers.    Imagine, the possibilities for your organisation,  if your team could spend less time on paper processing and more time making money or improving productivity.

Business overheads can also be high for expenses such as postage, stationary, photocopying, office space and archive storage. With organisations forced to keep certain records for long periods of time.

So How Can Automating Your Paper Processing Help?

Outsourced Digital Mail Room

Outsourcing your mail room can help speed up all your business processes, reduce your manual processing costs and improve customer service.  Documents can be diverted via P O Box to a secure bureau to be opened, sorted and digitised on arrival. Documents are scanned using the latest technology, to ensure high-quality digital images and no double feeds. Bureaus like Cleardata can also help you design your incoming mail for optimum scanning capture, including hand-written forms or surveys using tick boxes.

Intelligent Data Capture

Intelligent Data Capture will reduce tasks such as data entry and increase accuracy.  Once digitised, data can be automatically extracted using intelligent data capture software.  Data such as: Strings of words, logos, reference numbers, addresses, keywords or amounts can be automatically extracted. This is an ideal solution for high volumes of incoming data such as insurance claims, invoices, financial documentation or legal documents such as conveyancing information.   Once extracted data can be returned in any required format, for import into existing business systems for your team to process.

Automated Verification

Data can be verified against your existing business information such as supplier file, address information or purchase order databases.  Enabling data to be automatically checked, verified and matched to provide a high level of accuracy for incoming information.

On-line Document Management and Workflow

  • Using a secure cloud document management solution, provides flexible access to your documents from any location, using a web browser
  • Once uploaded, information can be automatically routed to the right person in your business to process, using workflow technology,  suited to your organisation and documentation types
  • Fast approval and review buttons can be set up to speed up your  processing
  • Documents can also be securely shared with other users on-line, providing an efficient collaboration and project management tool.
  • A full electronic audit trail for your data is provided  throughout it’s journey, helping you improve compliance and security for your information management.
  • Powerful search tools are available to find your data quickly and easily
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