University – Year End Paperwork Struggle

Carry Pile Of Paperworks
As term times come to an end, universities say their final goodbyes to their pupils. However for university lecturers and office staff the workload does not end here. Sorting through high volumes of paperwork, gathered throughout the year, can be a daunting task for anyone.

Senior Lecturer, Colin Potts from The University of Chester, comments:

“University paperwork can be a bind at the best of times but at the end of the academic year it all comes to a head when exam marking, module grades, student progression to the next year and degree classification all come together, along with module reviews. And that’s without planning the re-sits and the modifications that are going to be needed for the next year’s teaching programme!”

At Cleardata we can help organise your university paperwork efficiently through:-

  • Document Scanning – we scan over 3 million images every month, in a secure accredited document scanning facility. Our team can scan documents of all sizes. This is popular to manage student and course records as well as facilities management departments for university estate records.
  • Secure Document Storage – Cleardata offer secure archive storage with managed destruction dates combined with fast scan on demand retrieval. Store information offsite and retrieve quickly and easily.
  • Cloud Document Management – Cleardata can scan and store your scanned images online using our cloud document management system, providing flexible access for multiple users from any location using a web browser.

Scanning and archiving your university paperwork will protect and back up your records. It will also enable you to find information faster, provide flexible document access and free up valuable space in your university office. Offload the pressure off sorting out your paperwork and hand it over to the document management experts “it’s what we love to do”.   Start the new academic year with a paperless approach, saving time and money.

We can collect from any UK location, using our fleet of tracked vehicles. Check out our videos to find out more about our University Document Management services or try our instant quote tool to calculate your costs. Alternatively give our friendly team a call on 0800 046 8081.