Utilities Record Management – Digitise & Improve Access

Cleardata is qualified on the Achilles UVDB.

Utility companies have many divisions and departments, all of which produce high volumes of paperwork to ensure they adhere to regulatory requirements. The market is constantly changing and requires the effective management of thorough utility records. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the challenge in ensuring efficiency and maintaining customer satisfaction has grown, requiring secure access to documents while implementing home-working practices.

Cleardata provides document management services to many utility companies, certified as a supplier on the Achilles UVDB. We efficiently digitise records in accordance with GDPR guidelines and provide secure storage, both in the cloud and at our secure facility, to help your company go paperless. 

Improve Utilities Record Management

How can Cleardata document scanning, storage and management solutions improve utilities record management?

  • Free up space and create a paperless office
  • Back-up and protect important utility records, drawings and plans
  • Provide home-workers with easy, flexible access to records from any location via our electronic document management solution, helping to maintain productivity
  • GDPR compliance – utility records can be indexed according to your requirements by our team, including key information and retention dates
  • Security – using our cloud-based document management system you can restrict access to utilities records and monitor document activity with a full audit trail

Utility Record Scanning

Cleardata’s secure scanning bureau is accredited to BS 10008 for Legal Admissibility of Electronic Images, ISO9001 for Quality Management and ISO27001 for Information Security, digitising over 5 million images per month.  We use the latest Kodak scanning technology to digitise utilities records of any size to the highest resolution, including large format drawings and plans, and provide a 2 X 100% quality checking service on all images. Our scanning service includes:-

  • Full collection service across the UK
  • Full audit trail of activity throughout the digitisation process
  • Utilities records are available for digital retrieval throughout the process via our scan on demand service.
  • Our team will prepare records for scanning by removing all staples, paperclips and tags. We can also carry out intelligent preparation, sorting documents by type, such as:-
    • HR records
    • Financial documents such as invoices
    • Health & Safety records
    • Operational data
      • Drawings and plans
      • Maintenance and service records
      • Historical records
      • Property ownership documentation
      • Geographic information
    • Standards of Service
    • Contracts
    • Customer data including usage and payment
  • Data indexing – our team can index your utility records according to your business needs such as addresses, customer names or Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN)
  • Digitised utility records can be output into any required format for your convenience, including TIFF, JPEG or PDF
  • Documents and drawings can be digitally returned to you via DVD, CD, USB, SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) or our cloud based document management system, providing easy access to utilities records from any location

Digital Mailroom

Cleardata offers a digital mailroom service to help you easily manage incoming utility records. Our team will open, sort and scan your incoming documents for digital return via SFTP or our cloud document management solution. Using intelligent data capture, data can be automatically extracted from your documents, indexed according to your rules and validated against existing information in your systems. 

Document Storage

Outsource the storage of utilities records, drawings and plans to Cleardata’s secure warehouse facility, equipped with enhanced security and fire detection systems. Reduce storage costs and free up valuable office space for more productive purposes or to support social distancing guidelines. 

  • A full boxing up and collection service across the UK using our fleet of securely tracked vehicles
  • Compliance – Utility records can be indexed on arrival according to key information and retention dates to help you improve compliance
  • Fast digital retrieval – using our scan on-demand service, Cleardata’s team can retrieve, scan and digitally return requested documents to you within a few hours
  • Online Archive Management System – our Cleardox AMS solution provides a full statement of archives stored with us, features include:-
    • A full audit trail of physical interaction with documents
    • Easy access via the cloud
    • Restrict access by user, role or department to ensure full security
    • Monitor document life cycles with automated notifications. Cleardata also offers a secure document destruction service, accredited to BS EN 15713.

Cloud-Based Document Management

Once digitised, your utility records can be easily accessed via our electronic document management system, Cleardox EDM. This acts as one low-cost, digital filing cabinet that supports easy access to records from any location, supporting flexible working practices.

Cleardox EDM features include:-

  • Inbuilt PDF viewing tool to easily read documents 
  • Electronic audit trail – easily monitor document activity by user, date and time
  • Restrict access to documents by user, role or department to ensure only authorised members of staff have access to important information
  • Data tagging – utility records can be tagged consistently and metadata provided for each document to help your team maintain efficiency and compliance
  • Fast search feature – quickly and easily search for and view documents using keywords, favourite searches and advanced search features
  • ClearSearch – efficiently search for and view associated documents from other systems such as Sage or Excel
  • Version control – keep track of documents, drawings and updates by version number, date and size. Reduce the need to print and email multiple versions of the same document.
  • Workflow management – streamline processes, assign tasks and automatically route records to assigned users for validation, improving decision-making and communication between departments
  • Upload records to Cleardox EDM from your desktop

To learn more about Cleardata Utilities Record Management Solutions and how they can help your utility company contact us today on 0800 046 8081 or try one of our calculator tools.