What Kind of Documents Can be Digitised via Business Scanning?

Professional scanning services can be carried out for a wide variety of document types and sizes. From the smallest receipt to large format drawings and plans. Regular daily scanning can also be completed for incoming surveys, claims forms and invoices, taking the burden away from your team and enabling faster processing. Business Scanning Services from Cleardata

Business scanning services are in high demand with companies looking to improve data compliance, go paperless and ultimately reduce ongoing costs. Read on to find out about the different types of documents Cleardata scans, the intelligent processing services available and the business benefits. 

Incoming Surveys, Questionnaires and Forms
Forms, surveys and questionnaires are used for a wide range of purposes in business, for example, insurance claims, customer satisfaction questionnaires,  market research and even supplier or client onboarding. Outsourced business scanning services will enable you to:-

  • Increase productivity – professional business scanning allows data to be digitised quickly, providing fast information back to your team for processing or analysis. 
  • Reduce incoming paperwork arriving into your business and cut future archive storage costs.
  • Improve image quality – All images are output to 300dpi as standard and quality checked twice. No more time wasted on re-scans and less scanner maintenance and licensing costs. 
  • Better compliance – Cleardata is accredited to the BS10008 standard for legal admissibility of electronic information, providing a secure audit trail for the scanning process including any quality, clean up, or other changes to the scanned image.
  • Benefit from reduced costs for photocopying and postage as digital images can be accessed from multiple locations quickly and easily.
  • Store digitised images in a cloud document management system and see a full audit trail of any interaction with your documents. 
  • Ensure documents are available digitally for any future GDPR subject access requests, with relevant indexing and metadata allowing you to efficiently manage the lifecycle of your information. 

Cleardata also offers survey and form design services, allowing you to create a form where key information can easily be identified and captured using intelligent data capture software. Our team can also provide design suggestions for your forms, such as adding barcodes pre-populated with data, to allow instant identification, reducing manual data capture and increasing the accuracy of information captured from incoming documents or surveys. 

Invoice Processing
Cleardata has a range of solutions for automated invoice processing. All of your important financial documents can be professionally scanned so they are easily accessible, whilst remaining secure. Invoices can even be processed using intelligent data capture, to pull out key information such as supplier details, amounts and PO numbers for processing in financial systems. Once captured data can be validated against existing databases to provide a list of exceptions, e.g. No PO, no pay. 

You could also opt for our digital mailroom service, whereby all invoices and other financial documents are opened, sorted and scanned, and returned to you in digital form.

  • Digitise invoices and improve records management and retrieval.
  • Improve invoice processing speed and payment deadlines.
  • Free up Accounts Payable team to focus on productive tasks and spend less time scanning and re-scanning invoices.
  • Ensure incoming invoices meet compliance requirements.
  • Validate invoice data against internal databases.
  • Produce a list of exceptions for AP team to process.
  • Proactively identify ongoing issues with suppliers to reduce exceptions queue. 

Confidential Documents
Choosing a professional scanning bureau such as Cleardata to handle your confidential documents means that you can be sure any sensitive or personal data is kept safe and secure, whilst reaping the benefits of digitisation.

Cleardata is accredited to ISO27001 for Information Security Management, Cyber Essentials Plus and  ISO9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems. The company also possess BS1008 – Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information and BS EN 15713 for the Secure Destruction of Confidential Material, should you want your documents shredding after digitisation.  

Small Format Documents
Small format documents are digitised on our fleet of Kodak i5800 scanners which capture 420 images per minute.   Small format paperwork includes any size up to A3 including receipts, tickets, A5 and A4. This is no problem for a professional scanning bureau. Cleardata scans 4 million images per month, including small format documents to high quality digital output.  

Large Format Documents 
Similarly, larger format documents pose no problem for a professional business scanning company. Whether it’s large drawings, maps or plans, Cleardata possesses top-of-the-range Canon M40 scanners to scan any documents that are larger than A3 to an outstanding quality. These can include A1, A2 or A0 sized documents on paper, vellum or transparent drawing material.  Our team will prepare your large format documents for scanning, this process includes repairing any small rips prior to scanning. Once digitised your drawings can be indexed by any required information, for example drawing number, location or date allowing you to digitally search and retrieve information quickly. 

Books, Manuals and Notes
Cleardata has a specially dedicated book scanner, Unionovo CN1, which can swiftly scan any size or type of book using its double sensor function. Our book scanning services are trusted by a range of blue chip companies, as well as public organisations such as the NHS. 

This is the ideal way to digitise manuals, spiral bound notes or books.

Do you have a specific type of document you’d like scanning? Get in touch with Cleardata today to discuss your business scanning requirements. Call us on 0800 046 8081 or fill out our contact form.