What to expect from your document management company?

Document Management Company
Your document management company is going to be liable for your sensitive and confidential information. With this in mind it is imperative to weigh up exactly what you want from your document management company from the get-go to ensure that you are not left with a bum deal.

Here at Cleardata, we endeavour to provide you with high quality service. We can offer you an unbeatable and extensive range of benefits when you select us to manage your documents. Sure, it is fine saying this, but what exactly can we provide?


The security of your documents is paramount and we both respect and appreciate that.  Our drivers will collect and deliver your documents to our secure facilities that are protected against water, damage and theft – the only people who have access to the facilities have been through rigorous checks and training to preserve the confidentiality of your records. Your documents will be checked in to the facilities using barcode technology and stored in an area completely covered against argon gas. Our secure storage facilities are accredited to ISO27001 for Information Security as well as ISO9001 for Quality Management meaning that you can be sure that your paperwork is as safe as possible. An agreed destruction date can be worked out with you and we will destroy your records in line with you.

Cost Reductions:

Your business could be losing money without you even realising it. If you have staff that are assigned to sit and scan your copious amounts of paperwork you could be losing out. Outsourcing your document management can free up staff for more business boosting tasks and activities.

Time Saving:

Endless hours wasted in a bid to locate documents can be a thing of the past when you choose Cleardata as your document management company. Our state of the art scanners have the capability to capture over 400 images each minute – a number that manual scanning cannot even come close to matching no matter how many staff members are at hand. It isn’t just the amount of information and speed that our equipment can work at that is impressive. Blemishes are easily compensated for and colours and fonts recognised effortlessly. Your documents can be automatically indexed and retrieved simply by selecting key words or numbers saving you time looking for records.


Our secure electronic document management system has the ability to send your documents to correct members of staff. You can personally control exactly who can view and edit specific files in your company. Documents can be easily found just using a web browser, allowing staff in multiple locations to retrieve files. Your information can be stored and formatted in any way you wish. We can also return your original paperwork to you if you desire.

Cleardata can offer you everything you want and need from your document management company. For further information please contact our team on 0800 046 8081 or try our free instant quote tool to calculate your costs.