What’s your business mailroom contingency plan? 

As the government warns that the second wave of COVID is on the horizon with area-based lockdowns already going into effect, businesses are faced with further restrictions and disruptions to regular operations. This means, where possible, employees are required to work from home for an extended period of time.

mail envelope

One of many areas being left vulnerable, by the lack of on-site staff, is the mailroom. With businesses wanting to mitigate risk and ensure the health and safety of their staff, sending staff in to collect, read, and scan mail (such as invoices) can be an uncomfortable prospect.

Any halt to or impedance of the mailroom can lead to important accounting or HR information going undelivered and invoices going unpaid, which may result in breaks in the supply chain.

Cleardata contingency – your digital mailroom

At Cleardata we’re here to provide a digital lifeline for your business’ mailroom. Improve your continuity plans by outsourcing incoming paperwork and documentation to our digital mailroom service. 

The Digital Mailroom Process: 

  • Our team will aid you in diverting your mail via Royal Mail redirection or a PO Box
  • We open and sort your mail in-line with your pre-existing rules
  • Documents and correspondence are scanned to a high-quality resolution using the latest Kodak technology (We even check scans twice to ensure quality results)
  • Original documentation will be logged, stored securely, and can be returned by tracked mail if required
  • Cheques are scanned, recorded, and banked via a secure G4S service, with regular reporting for your finance team
  • Automatic data extraction and validation – Kofax software intelligently extracts data from your incoming mail
  • We can validate the likes of invoices, credit notes, or claims forms against your pre-existing databases to ensure incoming paperwork meets your requirements
  • Exception reporting is available for documents that don’t meet validation or compliance criteria
  • Automatic responses e.g. supplier emails set up to for non-compliant documents
  • Digital data and imaging returned to you in the form of a secure SFTP site for upload into your workflow/business systems, or we can provide you with our cloud document management system, enabling secure, safe, and easy access
  • Options for scanned documents to be stored in our secure document storage facility, returned or securely shredded

In this ever-changing landscape, we’ve now found ourselves in, it pays to have a contingency plan when it comes to your mailroom. Digitising your mailroom benefits both business and staff by freeing up members of your HR, accounting, procurement, and purchasing teams to better use their time on the things that matter to your business. 

Your customers also benefit from having a fast response to any mail correspondence they send your way, with nothing being misplaced, lost, or left behind and the benefit of a full digital audit trail. 

Get in touchtoday to digitise your mailroom or read more about our mailroom services.