Document Scanning Tender Guide

If you’re planning a document scanning or digitisation procurement in 2022, Cleardata has pulled together a handy document scanning tender guide to provide some insight into where to start with the buying process.

This intends to provide information for buyers, or procurement teams with content, details and price items to include when pulling together your scanning or digitisation tender.

The document scanning tender guide includes:-

  • Background and Project Information – Business reasons for digitisation and background information about your needs and requirements?
  • Scanning Requirements – What information is needed for a tender proposal and to price up your scanning project?
  • Indexing -How much indexing or data entry is required for your scanning project?
  • Digital Data Return – How would you like your digitised documents returned?
  • Accreditations – Common accreditations for scanning providers. What to include.
  • Security – What security and compliance standards to look for in your scanning provider.
  • Pricing considerations and structure – How is scanning generally priced? What to include in your pricing structure.

To download the document scanning tender guide, please click the button below.  Alternatively if you need any help with your digitisation requirements, contact our team on 0800 046 8081.