GDPR compliance and more: why your HR records need to be secure, accessible and well managed today

Today HR managers face an ever-constant need to achieve more with less resources and be more efficient. At the same time you must adapt to new employment trends and cope with talent shortages. But on top of all of this GDPR is also piling on the pressure, especially around the collection, storage and use of your employees’ personal data.

As you’ll know, none of these challenges are simple to solve, but one thing unites them – they’re all reliant on the vast amount of information you have stored up in HR documents and paperwork. Employment contracts, appraisal forms, occupational health records and pension details – the list is endless.

Unless you can effectively balance the accessibility, security and management of this data, you’re likely to be held back by inefficient processes, lack of insight into your business’ talent, and perhaps even significant noncompliance fines.

Now is the time to act

As a result of this change there’s never been a better time to review your HR records management to ensure that you are ready for the future. You may already be thinking about this and our Cleardata guide is designed to get you started on the right path. As a leading UK based specialist in document scanning, digital indexing, archiving, records management and data processing, we’ve helped many HR teams put their records in order so that they can ensure their data is:

  • Digitised, providing easy accessibility when and where needed
  • Indexed efficiently for fast retrieval
  • Securely stored in certified archive facility
  • Compliant with all required regulations
  • Manageable from anywhere via the cloud

This guide will help you to scope out the document and data requirements that will be placed on you as an HR professional, so you can start to think about how your information needs to be organised. It will also enable you to consider what you can implement to meet these changing requirements, so you can begin to implement the right solution.