The Paperless Office: Why Going Paperless Is The Future

Talk of the paperless office has grown in recent years, however, with so much speculation it can often be difficult to sort the fact from the fiction and understand what it all actually means. Cleardata believes in the paperless office and its ability to revolutionise the way businesses work, which is why the company strives to make this a reality for countless organisations. Explore what the reality of a paperless office is, the benefits and how to make your own business’ transition to a life without paper as seamless as possible.

Why is the paperless office needed?

Each UK office worker uses thousands of sheets of paper per year which can be costly in terms of stationary, print, copying and distribution costs. Reducing the amount of paper businesses use has the potential to save thousands of pounds and reduce the amount of physical transport costs, which could also have the benefit of reducing your carbon emissions.

What are the benefits of a paperless office?

Cleardata offers a digital mailroom service to help your business achieve the paperless office. We provide an outsourced service to open, sort and digitise your mail and handle returns for you. But amongst that, there are other benefits to having a paperless office, in addition to convenience and peace of mind. Some of the benefits of a paperless office include, but are not limited to, the following:

Reduce your carbon footprint – digitising incoming mail eliminates the need to physically distribute, copy & duplicate paperwork. Reduce business costs, enhance agile working and aid your organisation’s net-zero 2030 route map.

Environmentally friendly archives – reduce your carbon footprint by reducing physical file retrievals for documents stored offsite. Scan on demand, enables files to be scanned on request and digitally returned, within hours.

Save money – business costs will be significantly reduced by eradicating the need to purchase and archive paperwork. Other costs to consider are mail and photocopying costs. This money can then be invested back into the business, helping to further establish, expand and develop your company. Paperwork is commonly misfiled and lost, which can be very costly for businesses.

Save time – reducing paperwork can speed up everyday processing, allowing more time to be spent on more productive tasks.

Improve business communications – the key to a successful business is efficient communication between both employees and clients. Digitising your workplace makes communication quicker and easier than ever before. Once digitised information can be accessed from any location, providing fast, easy access for your workforce in a secure manner.

Reduce waste – if information is in digital format you will reduce the amount of physical transport to move information from one location to another, which will help reduce your carbon footprint. Emphasising your business’ new green credentials will act as another selling point to potential customers and contribute to your company’s corporate social responsibility

Stay ahead of the competition – in the digital world of today, companies who are seen not to have digital systems in place are simply behind the times and risk being left behind by competitors.

Save office space – the removal of overcrowded and outdated filing cabinets could revolutionise your work environment, creating a space to which employees are happy to arrive each day. You’ll also reduce storage costs for your business. How many businesses are using prime office locations at a high cost per square metre to store their documents?

How can Cleardata help you implement a paperless office?

Cleardata has a comprehensive paperless office solution, so if you’re ready to take the plunge to an entirely paperless workplace and reap the benefits then look no further. Cleardata’s services include:

  • Mailroom operations – sorting, scanning, automation, capture and returns
  • Document scanning – bulk scanning capabilities for invoices, documents in small and large format
  • Archive storage – secure storage with fast digital retrieval (scan on demand)
  • Scan on demand – this is an environmentally friendly solution for record retrieval. Documents stored offsite can be retrieved and returned digitally rather than physical delivery. Helping your business reduce emissions and also reduce the risk of records getting mislaid in transit
  • Data entry – low cost data capture and data entry services
  • Cloud-based document management – Cleardata’s paperless office service includes use of our own online document management solution, which is a popular low-cost solution
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) – our new Robocloud services can automate just about any manual process using our digital workforce of cloud-based software robots

If you would like any more information about the paperless office, or any other services available from Cleardata, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call our friendly team on 0800 046 8081 or fill out the quick and easy contact form. Alternatively, calculate your costs using our range of online calculator tools.