Why make the switch to EDI and e-invoicing services?

EDI invoicing services
The use of EDI and e-invoicing is one of the fastest growing trends for invoicing and is now the norm in many European Countries. But why should businesses make the switch?

EDI also known as electronic data interchange enables invoice data to be sent directly from one computer system to another, eliminating paper, speeding up processing times and cutting costs associated with manual document processing. Other benefits include:-

  • Improved supplier relationships
  • High data accuracy levels
  • Standard formatting
  • Reduced delays
  • Lower costs
  • Increased productivity

Cleardata provides e-invoicing and EDI services to capture data from all sources, enabling paper and electronic invoices to be processed through the same connection.

The company has agreements in place with the majority of invoicing connectors and are setup to handle multiple data feeds. Businesses large or small can add new suppliers, enabling EDI invoices to be sent with no payment delays.

How does the process work?

  • All invoices diverted to Cleardata for opening, automatic classification and scanning.
  • Key information extracted using intelligent data capture software.
  • Data validated against existing office databases for increased accuracy.
  • Incorrect or incomplete data return to the supplier. Exceptions are agreed as part of the SLA and rules can be applied to enable certain information to pass through the system without prior approval.
  • Workflow utilised to send invoices to the correct members of staff for approval or dispute.

Automation through e-invoicing enables all invoices, regardless of how they arrive into your businesses to be processed quickly and accurately.

Watch our 60 second video below to discover more:-

For further information about Cleardata’s EDI services and electronic invoicing contact our team on 0800 046 8081.