Key Benefits of Offsite Digital Mailroom vs Onsite Mailroom

Outsourcing your mailroom to a third party can achieve many key benefits for your business. Going paperless being the main driver, as well as faster-processing speeds, improved customer service, lower processing costs and creating a secure digital audit trail, which can all be accomplished as a result.

Outsourced digital mailroom services can be used to process all of your mail, or just specific departments e.g. accounts payable documentation, claims or customer services. Once mail is digitised this can be uploaded to a secure document management system and automatically sent to the right person in your business.

Read our key digital mailroom outsourcing benefits below, as well as some key issues and challenges faced with processing your mail in-house.

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Key Benefits of Outsourcing Mailroom

Document Scanning

  • Benefit from outsourced high volume document scanning and secure digital mailroom services.
  • Save time on scanning, sorting, mailroom, validation and matching.
  • Your outsourced mailroom processing team can manage any exceptions due to scanning issues (e.g. quality of scanned images, double feeds, maintenance issues)  as well as other issues based on your specific business rules. True exceptions can be passed back to your teams to handle.
  • No scanner maintenance costs
  • BS 10008 compliant processes for legal admissibility of electronic information
  • Efficiently manage peaks and troughs in your mail volumes, allowing your business to grow with ease, using automated processes.

Intelligent Capture

  • Data can be captured automatically from your incoming information using clever capture software. For example client reference number, name, date.
  • Once captured, this data can be validated against an existing system or database information, e.g. Client files, mortgage applications etc.
  • All of your incoming paperwork and electronic data challenges can be tackled as one.
  • Design outgoing paperwork for intelligent capture and reduce manual processing for incoming information, validate on arrival and increase accuracy
  • ROI – ensuring that you achieve maximum benefit and return, from reduced admin and fewer errors to speedier document processing.

Automated Workflow

  • Documents can be automatically assigned to the right people in your business
  • A full audit trail can be provided showing any physical interaction/movement with your documentation

Staff Costs and Time

  • Reallocate staff to spend time on key business activities.
  • Reduce manual processing time and increase the speed of document processes.

Customer Service

  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Gain competitive differentiation and advantage

In-house Mailroom Processing – Challenges 

  • Recruitment and training can be an issue when handling peaks and troughs in mail volumes. You may have to expand your team at certain times of the year and staffing may also be an issue.
  • Issues with scanners, high maintenance costs, time wasted fixing scanners and rescanning images.
  • Low quality and production due to low specification scanners and inefficient scanning processes.
  • No audit trail of who worked on documents.
  • Large amounts of time spent on manual processing and capture.
  • Inexperience in setting up efficient Kofax or other intelligent capture profiles to ensure optimum intelligent capture.
  • Unstructured forms and lack of intelligent barcoding.

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