How Secure Are Your HR Records?

HR Records
Businesses are legally obliged, under the Data Protection Act,  to ensure Personnel Records are protected in a secure manner. Employee details should be safeguarded by employers,  and for those who don’t, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) may issue hefty fines for negligent data handling procedures.

Modern business premises with open plan layouts can leave companies open to data protection risks.   Paper  HR Records are often stored in unlocked filing cabinets, giving access to unauthorised staff from multiple departments.  This can cause issues with data loss, fraudulent activity or theft.  Staff paperwork handling can also be an issue when travelling to various office locations, or working from home.

In some instances, employee records can fall into the wrong hands when disposed of in a haphazard manner.  Banking details and personal information have been known to be found in skips or on the local landfill site.  Redundant documents should be shredded and destroyed securely to ensure personal data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, causing security issues for your staff.

So How Can You Protect Your HR Records?

Document Scanning

Scanning is a popular solution for HR departments, enabling digital records to be securely stored with restricted access to authorised employees only.  Once digitised, employee records can be searched quickly and easily using a simple keyword search tool.  Documents can be bookmarked (filed) in any required manner, i.e. by employee number, employee name, department or date of birth.

Cleardata often digitises leavers records, which can cause problems with office space, but have to be kept for reference enquiries. Scanning can enable you to find leavers details quickly, straight from your desktop and make some room in your office.  Digitisation can save your team valuable time searching through files and will also provide a digital back up of your documents, to prevent data loss from fire or flood.

Cloud Document Management

Digital Personnel Records can be stored in a secure online cloud solution, providing restricted access by individual user or by role level. Once stored in the cloud, documents can be accessed from any location, using a web browser.  This allows flexible access from different devices and enables employees to retrieve documents from multiple office locations, without the risk of leaving paperwork behind.   Document workflow and online forms can also be set up to approve HR processes,  such as holiday forms or timesheets, at the touch of a button.

Off-site document storage

Many businesses store their HR records offsite, utilitising scan on demand services.  Records can be stored in our purpose built secure document storage facility and retrieved as and when required. Cleardata’s on-site scanning team can retrieve your paperwork,  scan and return to your desktop quickly and easiliy.

Our storage facility is protected by biometric finger print access, Redcare security and enhanced fire/flood detection systems.  All staff are Disclosure checked and full archive & records management is provided, with bar code protection, managed destruction dates and a secure onsite shredding facilities

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