Robotic Process Automation Services

Are you looking to make your business more efficient?  Reduce costs and save time by intelligently automating your manual business processes using Cleardata’s RPA Services. Cleardata offers robotic process automation throughout the UK, through its Robocloud Services.  We have a team of RPA Ninja’s who can programme our cloud-based software robots to perform just about any manual task, providing a productive, efficient digital workforce.

Our cloud-based robot workers can complete the labourious tasks that take hours to do manually, in a consistent manner and provide work-ready data for your employees to action.

Cleardata has a range of out of the box RPA Services which can be accessed quickly and easily,  via a monthly subscription. Our team can also provide consultancy and bespoke RPA solutions for your business.   To get started call 0800 046 8081 or contact us.

What tasks can our cloud robots perform?

It’s a difficult question to answer as our digital workforce can do many different types of tasks, which can be applied to multiple business functions. Let’s start with an introduction to the different types of robots and the types of tasks they can perform.

robocloud digital workforce team

System Integration Robots – These robots can provide integration between systems. For example you may have a legacy IT system and a new cloud-based system and you’re currently entering data into both.  Our robots can integrate data between the two, this can avoid huge programming costs. The robots will simply perform the tasks that a person would do, e.g. login, perform a search, grab the data and input the data into the new system.

Data Transformation, Extraction and Data Entry – Allow our data robots to complete regular data tasks for you. This could be transforming data in a csv file or spreadsheet, adding information to existing data based on your steps, rules or requirements, or extracting data automatically to provide reports or business intelligence.

Data Validation – our validation team can check data based on your compliance rules or organisational requirements.  They can also perform automated checks via third-party systems, e.g. credit safe.

Scheduled Tasks – our scheduling robots can complete regular tasks to suit your business needs. This could be to perform a monthly task e.g business reporting or even a financial task such as accounts statement reconciliation.

What departments will benefit?

RPA services can be applied to most business functions. Here are a few examples of how our digital workers can help:-

Finance – Automated regular finance activities e.g. Accounts Statement Reconciliation, Client Onboarding, Invoice Validation or Invoice Processing

HR – Automate employee onboarding tasks for example right to work checks, reference checks, issuing new starter workpacks, or even ordering items such as workwear or new equipment so your new starter is ready to get started and your workforce is compliant. Our digital workers can even add new employee data to multiple business systems.

Sales & Marketing – Having an up to date CRM is key for any successful business. Utilise our RPA services to keep your CRM in good shape.  Our robots can keep products and price books up to date and perform validation checks to ensure opportunities are using the correct pricing to ensure your invoiced sales are as expected.  Onboarding customers can also be intelligently automated, with digital workers performing credit checks on new accounts and adding relevant data to your CRM system to enable your company to gather all the necessary data about new customers and send an onboarding pack if required. They can also pull together and distribute sales and marketing reports automatically and provide notifications to customers if required, based on your rules. Read our Sales Order Processing Case Study.

IT – If your IT department is looking to enhance existing legacy systems but you’re struggling to get the budget approved by the board, consider using RPA services to enhance existing systems.  For example, if your existing system is only performing 70% of what you need, think about utilising RPA to complete the other 30%.  This will be less costly and can also minimize the risk of moving to a new system. RPA can help with data migration, data integration and data entry requirements, proving a low cost, efficient means to completing your IT project quickly.

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