Document Digitization

Document digitization is a great way of preserving paper documentation in a compliant manner.  Capturing important data and depositing it in a central repository, with flexible access from multiple locations. Whether your documentation is live or archived, it gives you a way of ensuring information is available when you need it and protected from potential risks such as fire, flood or theft. 

Cleardata’s document digitization services allow you to complete one-off back scanning projects, regular daily or monthly scanning, ensuring all documents are digitized from archived paperwork to incoming mail items such as invoices or claim forms. 

Our secure bureau, accredited for Information Security and Quality Management Systems,  can scan and digitize documents of any size, from large format drawings down to business cards or receipts. We’re also well equipped to deal with high volumes of documents, with bulk scanning being a speciality. 

The Cleardata digitization process involves:-

  • Collection
  • Check-in – full audit trail throughout all processes
  • Prep
  • Scanning
  • Quality Checking
  • Indexing
  • Digital Output
  • Data Return

Cleardata has a fleet of vehicles able to collect from any UK location. Paperwork is tracked throughout, providing a full audit trail. 

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) can be applied during scanning making the content of your documents searchable. This makes it easier to find the information you’re looking for at any given time. 

Documentation is checked in and prepared by our team.  This involves removing all staples and paperclips, unfolding any corners and moving items such as post-it notes, so information isn’t obscured during the scanning process. 

The scanning process is performed with industry-leading technology to digitise documents quickly and provide the highest quality images. Cleardata’s bureau operates primarily with Kodak technology. We recently became the first UK company to invest in the latest IBML scanner which captures around 720 images per minute. 

Cleardata operates a 2 x 100% quality checking process, with all images checked by two separate members of our bureau team, ensuring excellent quality. Documents can be indexed to your specification to ensure they’re digitally filed in the same way your paper files would be, allowing for fast and easy searches. 

Once the scanning process is complete there are multiple options for the return of your newly digitized documents, these include:

  • Encrypted USB, Hard Drive, CD or DVD 
  • SFTP (Secure File Transfer)
  • Upload to our Cleardox EDM (Electronic Document Management System)

Cleardox EDM is the ideal way to manage the lifecycle of your documentation while holding them in a secure cloud-based location. It’s also compliant, providing version control and a full audit trail. 

After the document digitization service is completed physical documents can either be returned, archived or shredded at one of our secure locations. You can read more about document destruction here

For further information about Cleardata’s document digitization service contact our team, call 0800 046 8081 or estimate your costs using our quick quote tool

Benefits of document digitization:

  • Save time, money and office/storage space
  • Save time searching for documents and key information
  • Maintain your records in a compliant online environment
  • Protect files from damage through fire, flood or theft
  • Access your documents from any device with an internet connection 24/7 365 days a year
  • Easier document sharing
  • An increase in business flexibility